Welcome to our little distillery in the heart of the prairies, Saskatoon, Saskatchewan

Saskatchewan is Cree for swift flowing river, and Saskatoon is named after the beautiful berry that grows in abundance around our magnificent river. We are located smack dab in the centre of Canada. Our home is a true juxtaposition of extremes, which makes it a great place to produce the finest spirits and liqueurs. We Saskatchewanians are the most hospitable folk you’re likely to meet even though we live in an inhospitable climate. Our winters are bitterly cold and long, lasting six months or more, and reaching lows of -40 °C, but our summers are short and hot, averaging 30-40 °C. Because of these extremes, nature is kind and rewards us with the best growing conditions for grains and fruits, the most amount of sunshine in Canada, and a plethora of the purest water on earth. Believe it or not, but we have over one hundred thousand fresh water lakes in our province. (read more)