We at Lucky Bastard Distillers are extremely grateful for all the support we receive in Saskatchewan, therefore we have made a corporate commitment to support as many charitable organizations and events as possible. In 2015 we provided sponsorship to over 350 organizations and events in Saskatchewan.

We receive many worthwhile funding and sponsorship requests each year. Unfortunately, we cannot support all of them. We will review all requests and determine which best match our objectives and philosophy. Please submit your request well in advance (at least two to three months) of when it's needed. The request should come directly from the organization that will benefit from the funding. We generally do not provide assistance to individuals, fraternal or religious causes, political parties, sports teams, film/video productions, and most events where children will be attending.

As we get so many impersonal requests, we kindly ask that all requests be made in person. This gives us the chance to meet you, understand the charity, and get all the relevant information about your initiative to fully evaluate your proposal.  If we have questions regarding your application, we will contact you via phone or email.

Thank you for considering LB Distillers as a potential sponsor.  We wish you success.