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Lucky Bastard Distillers: Truly Saskatchewan

The team at Lucky Bastard Distillers is proudly Saskatchewan.

It is pride you can taste in its line of gins and vodkas (flavoured and holiday themed), in its whisky, liqueurs and bitters.

They are all made courtesy of locally sourced ingredients.

Lucky Bastard collects its grains and fruit from Saskatchewan producers, so everything its customers are tasting is Saskatchewan grown.

Countless hours were spent brainstorming, researching, and creating recipes to deliver the smoothest and best-tasting products for Lucky Bastard consumers. In a pursuit for the ideal recipe and the creation of Saskatoon’s first single malt, dozens of gallons of gin circled the drain before that eureka moment.

Lucky Bastard now offers approximately 30 products, including a variety of whisky. Demand was so strong for the initial four-year-old batch, customers had to enter a lottery for a chance to buy a bottle.

With many local craft brewers and distilleries popping up across the province, Lucky Bastard distinguishes itself through its attention to detail in the products it delivers.

“It’s our care and attention to our processes,” said Cary Bowman, President of Lucky Bastard Distillers. “We use high-quality ingredients … and we’ve invented our own filtration unit to make them as pure as possible.”

Accessory items like mugs and tumblers, shakers and flasks proudly showcasing the Lucky Bastard logo can be found in store or on the company’s website (

Lucky Bastard’s spinoff effect to ancillary businesses also is uniquely local. Through its business activities, Lucky Bastard relies on the work of Saskatchewan-based lawyers and accountants, labelling companies, as well as electricians and plumbers who helped develop the distillery production line.

“I’m proud of how our organization has stepped up for the community … and I think it inspires people in the community to support us in return,” Cary said. “Whether it’s through sponsorships or donations, we have a lot of staff members who volunteer and attend events throughout the province every year.”

Lucky Bastard Vodka

Written by Martin Charlton Communications

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