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Lucky Bastard Whisky is produced in very small batches – like really, really small batches – meaning each barrel yields approximately 300 bottles. New releases don't come around very often and we'd hate for you to miss out! Add your name to the Whisky List and be the first to know about upcoming Whisky releases.



Lucky Bastard Distillers was originally founded on a mutual love of single malt whisky and the Scottish whisky making tradition. Each batch of Lucky Bastard Whisky is handcrafted from grain to glass at our distillery in Saskatoon. Our single malt whiskies are extremely rare, as almost every mash is different, so no two batches will ever be the same.

The location of the distillery has heavily influenced our mash bill, as Saskatchewan offers an abundance of resources. From straight malted barley to quinoa, we are continually exploring what this province has to offer.

After our mash has completed fermentation it is pumped into our stripping still, “Magic Mike,” to physically separate the alcohol from the beer. The spirit is then transferred into “Ginger,” our hand-hammered copper pot still. As the spirit is distilled into whisky we will remove the heads and tails from the distillate, collecting only the hearts.

The final process to turn our clear distillate into whisky is barrel aging. We transfer the hearts into a once-used bourbon barrel to age a minimum of three years. During those three long years we will lose approximately 18% of overall volume to evaporation or, as we fondly call it, the “Angel Share.” Classified as Canadian Whisky, we must age our small batches for a minimum of three years... but all good things take time, so many of our barrels will exceed the three-year mark.

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